Under the Leadership of CEO Daniel Huang, BSOS Is Positioning Itself as the Change Agent Driving Digital Transformation for Businesses: GoodFirms
Sep 22, 2021
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Daniel Huang

Incorporated in 2018 and based in Taiwan, BSOS is dedicated to removing roadblocks in supply chain finance methods via blockchain and thereby establishing authenticity and liquidity of the assets in supply chain finance. The professionals connect real-world assets in the supply chain with capital providers, be it for large scale banks or the Crypto World.

GoodFirms has ranked BSOS as the "Top Blockchain Development Company" and even endorsed by J.P. Morgan Quorum as the "Top Supply Chain Finance Application"; BSOS is also chosen as the Global Top 35 Blockchain Company by CB Insights.

BSOS's commodity, SUPLEX, is an innovative equipment chain FinTech SaaS targeted to propel digital transformation and cash flow optimization for organizations. SUPLEX's customers include top-listed businesses and large financial organizations.

BSOS is leading in Distributed Ledger Technology. The experts help corporations understand the digitalization and adequate circulation of supply chain finance with highly stable standards adopted by financial institutions.

BSOS is the reliable technical peer of R3 and the main spec formulation part of Enterprise Ethereum. BSOS is also recorded as the Hyperledger accredited service provider, and one of 20 corporations amongst large global enterprises such as IBM, Tencent, SAP, LG, Hitachi, and Ant Financial.

The GoodFirms team approached Daniel Huang, the CEO of BSOS, to know more about its products. Starting with the interview, Daniel mentions that BSOS focuses on supply chain FinTech and hopes to wield technology, especially blockchain, to provide a secure and robust product. The team helps clients transform real-world assets into reliable digital assets, which enhances the liquidity and the authenticity of the investment in supply chain finance.

Talking about the idea behind the commencement of business, Daniel asserts that when he came across blockchain technology in 2017, he realized that blockchain has unparalleled potential in transactions and records. Therefore, Daniel thought whether blockchain could be applied to the industries instead of only in cryptocurrency.

Further, Daniel explains that realizing the importance of blockchain; he later met another core founder of BSOS, Wayne. Daniel boasts about his partner's capabilities by mentioning that Wayne has decades of experience in finance, so Daniel introduced blockchain technology to him.

Wayne bumped out supply chain finance in no time, as blockchain can improve efficiency, which is why they start to do business in this field. They found that more and more people pay attention to and partake in this field, and now, supply chain finance has already been an essential part of the enterprise blockchain industry.

When asked about the company's business model, Daniel says that SUPLEX is BSOS's core product, the best digitalization system for enterprises to accomplish supply chain finance, providing "Early Payment" and "Capital Market'' for enterprises. It's exclusively built up by our in-house engineering team. With this product, the professionals optimize their cash flow and help them convert their supplies to get working capital. This can concurrently solve the account receivable investment problems and produce a sustainable supply chain.

With Suplex, business people can leave complicated financing approaches in the past and embrace a flexible, convenient digital process to get working capital. It helps to efficiently use the money by reducing the COGS and achieve more efficient early payment processing, more steady supply chain relationships, and further sustainable development in the supply chain.

Moreover, the experts help reduce factoring risks by taking the assets confirmation from the core enterprise. DLT guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness of assets, thereby advancing liquidity efficiency.

Thus, with best practices and solutions, BSOS gets dubbed as one of the top blockchain development companies in Taiwan by GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of solutions rendered by BSOS.


Continuing further with the interview, Daniel mentions that BSOS focuses on supply chain corporates, especially in Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Green Tech, and Fashion industries. Almost all the customers are repetitive because, through BSOS's product, the clients can obtain faster and more reliable financing service that improves their cash flow.

With a cross-cloud alliance chain development tool, BSOS develops a highly available consortium blockchain within moments. They provide system support that can operate on visual interfaces to watch node resources, permissions, and governance.

Moreover, blockchain developers provide security in the vault with private key management tools under cryptography protection and strict engineering technologies to mitigate security risks from individuals enduring on to private keys.

Thus, having backed with such a proficient team of developers, GoodFirms researchers believe that BSOS would soon tap amongst the best blockchain developers list at GoodFirms.

The review below proves the potential of developers at BSOS.


In conclusion, Daniel divulges that all clients like BSOS's products because the professionals know that digital transformation is pressure to most of them. Hence, the experts do their utmost to make it easier. For instance, they will try their best to use data integration to achieve automatic processes and increase more value for the clients without adding additional workflow.

Moreover, BSOS holds a team of professional account managers to serve the clients and continuously strives to adopt the systematic method to solve their queries and issues.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Daniel Huang's interview, one can go through more information he shared with GoodFirms.

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