BSOS Wins the Best Solution of the Year at SAP.iO Startup Accelerator
Feb 05, 2024
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TAIPEI, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BSOS Tech Co., Ltd. proudly announces that it has been awarded the Best Solution of the Year at the first Taiwan SAP.iO Startup Accelerator. The BSOS Working Capital Management Platform, designed to assist businesses in managing supply chain operational funds, integrates with CTBC Bank and SAP ERP systems to inject robust financial energy into the enterprise supply chain.

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The SAP.iO Startup Accelerator program has been supporting startups globally for years, providing various resources and experiences in technology, business, and marketing to empower these emerging companies. Last year, SAP.iO Startup Accelerator made its debut in Taiwan, and BSOS actively participated, adopting SAP's leading enterprise-level management solution to launch the BSOS Working Capital Management Platform. After a year of selection, competition, and evaluation, BSOS successfully stood out among the final five startups.

Throughout the process, BSOS delved into understanding the SAP system, conducting integration, developing a common architecture, and performing validations. With strong support from SAP's professional technical experts and consultants, BSOS ultimately brought out the latest Working Capital Management Platform. This solution enables businesses to create a platform for adjusting supply chain operational funds, integrating SAP ERP system data seamlessly. It provides a convenient way for supply chain companies to connect SAP ERP system invoice information and submit financing requests, simplifying financing processes, enhancing supply chain management efficiency, and increasing supply chain flexibility, allowing companies to respond more agilely to market changes.

In addition, BSOS collaborates with CTBC Bank to transmit trustworthy supply chain information through blockchain, achieving a financially resilient and sustainable supply chain solution. This comprehensive integration not only strengthens the financial sustainability of enterprises but also promotes positive interactions throughout the supply chain, creating more business opportunities for companies.

Being honored with the Best Startup Solution of the Year signifies our outstanding performance in the SAP.iO Startup Accelerator program. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SAP in the future, providing enterprises with more intelligent and flexible solutions, helping us move towards a more prosperous future.

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